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A boom of terrible disease in the United States! Here are the symptoms and how to protect yourself from Hepatitis A

Almost a double are increasing cases of hepatitis A in the country. In the last year registered a lot of new cases.

In 2014, there were about 2,500 acute hepatitis A infection in the US. Viral hepatitis is now a major cause of death and disability worldwide. This disease is ordered and already beginning to outpace frequency and mortality tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS, according to the World Health Organization.

Each year from hepatitis die 1.45 million people. The latest data in usa, there are around 110,000 people infected with hepatitis C, but of these only 10% know they have the virus.



The main cause of infection is the poor hygienic conditions in developing countries, resulting in the emergence of disease. People who have direct contact with infected blood also can be infected

Some susceptible factors may play a role in the development of Hepatitis disease. These are:

  • IV drug use or drug abuse
    Work in the sewage industry
    Travel to developing countries, especially the Asian Region
    Oral or anal sex

Hepatitis A virus can spread from the above directions, so it should be avoided as much as possible.

The common symptoms of hepatitis A are:

Most of the times the symptoms are hard to identify until the virus start damaging the liver

  • Nausea and vomiting
    Swollen stomach or ankles
    Yellowing of eyes and skin
    Yellow urine
    Weakness and tiredness
    Stools of light color
    Poor appetite
    Soreness of muscles

Herbal Treatment:

Apple cider vinegar is an effective natural grass is used for removal of liver damage. It stimulates the functioning of the body and strengthen the liver. This herb has astringent properties, which are useful in the treatment of liver problems and help them fight.

Oregon grape is one of the useful plants used to improve liver function and skin. It is extensively used throughout the world to improve digestion, with liver function. It also helps to improve the blood flow in the liver.

Dandelion herb is also used to improve liver function, the plant has a bitter taste and dandelion leaves can be used as a salad.

Turmeric is used as a herbal medicine around the world, particularly in China, and is very helpful in improving liver function. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that support the functions of the liver and bile.

Since ancient times, excellent herbal medicine of milk thistle is used to treat various diseases. In the case of hepatitis A, the useful plant is considered highly efficient and helps strengthen the liver coating.


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