You Have Been Using Sanitary Towels And Pads Wrong Your Entire Life! Find Out How Are Placed Correctly!

# 1 – Remove the sanitary wrap and open.

pad 1

# 2 – Sit on the toilet bowl and pull your underwear down to just below the knees

pad 2

# 3 – Now, remove the tape, to find the glue on the back of sanitary napkins. If you use sanitary napkins with wings, there must be three bands: basic and one for each wing.

pad 3

# 4 – Click on sanitary napkins with the adhesive side down, on the crotch of your underwear. Then fold the wings around the sides of the crotch of the underwear and press them to the underside of the panties. If you have a sanitary napkins that are intended to throw, you have to set the widest part of a bundle with the face towards the front of the underwear.

pad 4

# 5 – Be sure that the sanitary pad is in the proper position, by dragging your underwear up. It should cover the the whole aperture of the vagina.


# 6 – Must check the sanitary towels every 2 hours, to see whether it should be replaced. You will know , that it is time to replace it, when it is wet on the surface and does not absorb menstrual blood.

pad 5

# 7 – Keep in mind, when it is time to replace, fold the used sanitary napkin up, as when you remove it from the package. Wrap with toilet paper thrown into the trash.

pad 7

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