This simple advice, which Richard Gere gives you will change your life immediately!

You all know who is the Richard Gere, and women are crazy about him from his role in the movie “Pretty Woman.” He is not only a brilliant character, but also a very wise man.


See what advice he gives, that can change your life immediately!

“There is a powerful exercise, that is quite simple and I started to use many years ago.

Whoever I have met along the way, either personally person or insect, the first thought that I assume regarding this essentially: “I wish you happiness!” But most importantly, this idea really should be first:

” I wish you happiness”.

“This thought will completely change, what happens between you and this man. I say this proceeding from the personal experience. Sometimes it is very difficult when you meet the enemy, when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected difficult and serious situation …

Convert your ego, relax, turn into love.

Try it and see how much will change everything in your life. ”

Richard Gear

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