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The secret of life is hidden in this very ordinary plant – anyone can have it!

This herb kills the desire for nicotine and also reducing weight – but these are just a fraction of its benefits.

The biggest scourges of humanity nowadays are heart disease, diabetes, obesity and smoking, which are bound together and can also cause death by heart attack or stroke, even cancer.

Here, however, that there is an herb, that is excellent in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Also it can fight and most common fear in smokers who want to leave cigarettes – namely, it will become obese, if you stop smoking.


Its name is stevia and comes from a family chrysanthemums and is originally from Paraguay, where for centuries used as a natural sweetener.

Stevia is the best source of natural sugar for all those who can not or do not want to eat refined sugar.

It is natural for those who want to lose weight, for diabetics, cancer patients, other diseases, in which it is important to limit the intake of processed sugars.

This herb kills the desire for nicotine, while reducing weight.

Studies have shown, that stevia has the ability to stabilize the level of sugar in blood. Glycemic index of this herb is equal to zero, which means that it increases the level of glucose in the blood, which is of great importance for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Stevia can be used as a mask for face care, because enriches skin and makes it firmer and smoother, while reducing wrinkles. It is good in the fight against acne and works great in dermatitis.

Even if you do not suffer from these diseases, it is desirable to use stevia because it contains many important nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and C, calcium and potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and chromium.

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