THE HIT OF SUMMER 2016: Liquid Diet Makes You Saplings For Two Weeks! Minus 22-33 Lbs Without Any Problem

The liquid diet is very effective for quickly weight loss. The maximum time for compliance is two weeks and during that time you can remove up to 10-15 kg ( 22-33 lbs).

Through a liquid diet you will reduce the amount of waist and after it you can continue to control your appetite and weight.

liquid diet

Liquid diet – program

Liquid diet provides consumption only of liquid foods, juices, soups, dairy products, herbal teas and water.

The total amount of liquids per day should be more than 3 liters.

09:00 – one cup broth of oats

10:00 – a cup of broth (clear strained soup)

11:00 – one glass of warm boiled water

12:00 – one glass of fruit juice, diluted with water

13:00 – one glass of warm boiled water

14:00 – one glass of milk

15:00 – one glass of tea, without sugar

16:00 – a cup of broth without salt

17:00 – one glass of warm boiled water

18:00 – one glass of warm boiled water

19:00 – one glass of fruit juice diluted with water

20:00 – one glass of warm boiled water

21:00 – cup of yogurt (low-fat)

Three days after completion of the liquid diet

First day: You could eat only boiled vegetables in small portions.

Second day: Add a soup of boiled vegetables and a piece of bread, and for a dinner – fresh carrots and cabbage.

Day Three: Eat as before your diet, except greasy food and bread and reduce the amount of food.

When you add bread, try not to be more than two slices a day.

This diet, which quickly leads to weight loss is not very healthy. Specifically, it is particularly useful if you follow for a long time. Before you decide on this diet (as well as any other), consult your doctor.

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