The great Richard Gere with the confession, that changed the world: “You can not run away from your own destiny

“The mother of my friends ate healthy for all life. She had never consumed alcohol, or “bad” foods, exercise every day, she was very flexible, very active, take supplements that have been recommended by her doctor, never going out in the sun without protection, and when she left, it was for a short time – practically defended her health to the greatest extent.


Today she has 76 years old and has a skin cancer, cancer of bone marrow and extreme osteoporosis.

The father of my friend ate bacon, pork fat, butter, not exercising, standing in the sun while he burn.

His approach to life is such, to live a maximum, not as others offered him.
He has now 81 years, and doctors say, he has a health of a young person.

“People you can not escape from your fate. It is out there and you will find the words of the mother of my friend, she is still alive:

“If I knew that my life will end in this way, I lived at the maximum, enjoying all what I have said, that would not be! ”

None of us will come out alive from this world, so stop you treat yourself so, as others imposed. Eat delicious food, go for a walk on a nice sunny day, jump into the ocean. Tell the truth, which you carry in your heart like a hidden treasure.

Be crazy, ridiculous. Be polite. Be crazy. There is no time for anything else, “recommends famous actor. Whether it is a story, that really happened to the famous actor or not, the lesson is clear: “Do not be obsessed with something, just because it comes to instant trend or someone’s recommendation. Live your life in your own way “

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