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Signals that our body sends to tell us that we are not healthy – graying of hair before 40, often chapped lips …

Perhaps these tips will be of great importance when it comes to tell, if something is not right with our body.

Our body always gives us a sign to “tell”, that something is not right with the body and therefore must not be neglected.

1. Moles

Most moles are harmless, but those that occur as a result of exposure to the sun can be very dangerous.

2. Gray hair before turning on 40

The presence of more than 50% of gray hair at an early age, and there is no other case in the family, can mean that you have diabetes.


3. Cracked lips

Cracked lips may also be caused because of temperature changes. But, if your lips crack frequently, can mean, that it is because of a fungal infection or a deficiency of vitamin B in the body.

4. Swelling of the neck

If you notice that your neck began to swollen, should not to ignore it and immediately see a doctor. The most common cause of swelling of the neck is a malfunction of the thyroid gland, most often in women between 20 and the age of 50.

5. The whites of the eyes

This part of your body should always be white, except for the cold and lack of sleep. The yellowish color can be a sign of jaundice or liver and / or gall problems. If, by some chance, your eyes are red without a mechanical irritant, it means either that you have a high blood pressure or you have a viral illness.

6. Red palms

Red palms can carry the notice of eczema or allergic reactions. Such changes in the hands can constitute an indication of overload or liver disorders

7. Loss of eyebrows

Sudden loss of eyebrows may be a sign of problems associated with the thyroid gland, with its exceeded or reduced function.

8. Nail changes

The nails can tell a lot about the state of your body is inside. Nail changes showed many diseases. Thin and cracked nails can also cause a calcium deficiency in the body. Malfunction of the thyroid gland can cause changes in your nails.

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