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Shocking: Lessons for all women, who long ago were not to a gynecologist!

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During the lovemaking, she has been subjected to extremely uncomfortable sensation in her lower abdomen .

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The same feeling, she noticed and later, when she was in the bathroom and after looking up the symptoms online, had led to the conclusion, that it is a ulcers, so she is tried to ignore the feel of discomfort, because she knew that there were problems with the intestines.

When she went after a month of regular examination by a gynecologist, the diagnosis shocked her. In the ovaries she had a malignant tumor a length of 16 cm, which presses the internal organs.

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Fortunately, she managed at the last moment to remove malignant tissue without the need for chemotherapy and Eli is now in a phase of recovery.

Now boldly talking about the disease, which she struggled, and advises the women regularly go to the gynecologist and not be afraid of the diagnosis.


If she did not gone to a gynecologist, the tumor would have continued to spread and would likely spread to other organs. It is frightening to think what might happened.

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Women think about this and always pay attention when you find something wrong.

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