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Scientists have proven: Everyone has at home from weapons against cancer

The cheese can be a weapon against the insidious disease cancer. The protein, which is found in it, has the ability to destroy cancer cells.

Niacin – is a protein that is released from lactic acid bacteria in ferment milk and maturing process of the cheeses.


Scientists from the University of Michigan in Anne Arbor, USA, have found that it has a unique ability to kill cells, that cause cancer. Scientists have studied the effects of various substances in food and living organisms on cancer cells, resistant to all methods of combating malignant tumors, including chemotherapy.

It turned out that niacin, protein of lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus lactis, cope well with them. Within the experiment, the researchers gave mice a cocktail of experimental by 25-30 times more niacin, than in the ordinary cheeses, for a period of nine weeks. Finally, experience to 80% of the tumors disappeared completely.

This considerably extend the duration of their lives. Followed more experiments, which showed, that niacin is struggling with a cancer, as well as pathogenic bacteria become invulnerable to antibiotics in recent years. This practically makes it the most powerful weapon against diseases in general. Pending a healing effect of niacin to be tested on people, to demonstrate 100% that cheese can save you from cancer.

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