If you have them, after reading this, you will surely throw them away! Dangerous for …

Author Brett Moore

Several well recognized German studies have shown these rubber based shoes, often contain large numbers of dangerous chemicals that are well known carcinogens. This means that wearing or even having them in your home increases your risk of cancer.


In one particular study, ten different types of these rubber based shoes were tested, sampled from popular and reputable companies. Researchers were surprised to find a number of dangerous chemicals at levels posing a health risk including heavy metals, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). At least 7 out of 10 shoes were considered dangerous. Surprisingly the color black was most likely to contain the highest amount of toxic chemicals.

PAHs can be inhaled (The shoes ‘off gas’) and of course, PAHs and heavy metals are readily absorbed through the skin. PAHs in particular cause cellular damage and mutations leading to a significantly elevated risk of cancer and other health issues.

These were the most alarming chemicals identified. The shoes also contained a large number of other chemicals and solvents that impact health, especially with regard to skin allergies.

The bottom line: Whilst these shoes might look great and be quite functional, their looks are deceptive. Choose your footwear wisely.

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