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Here’s what will happen, if you blow the thumb of the left hand!

The pain will go away faster and more miracles, will happen to your body, if you blow the thumb of the left hand

Our body is a wonderful system! Health problems can arise from nowhere, and yet mysteriously disappear.

Today we will share with you some very interesting control systems and getting control of some symptoms and ailments.


How to calm your nerves?

If before an important meeting or event,you can not even control your nerves, blow several times on the thumb of your left hand / as shown in the illustration /, you will feel much more relaxed and confident. This trick helps to quickly relieve tension.

This happens due to the relationship of breathing and heart rate, rapid blowing causes inhibition of the vagus nerve and the related acceleration of the rhythm and exhalation slows the heart rate. Not everyone remembers to take a deep breath and exhaled quickly several times in moments of stress, so is also this trick with your thumb in nervous tension.

Remove the toothache

Take a piece of ice and move it on the soft part between thumb and forefinger.

There is a very important point, which is called Hagu – right in the middle of the soft part

If you apply gentle massage on this point with thumb and forefinger will improve peristalsis and the work of the colon and respiratory system will work without problems.

If you have a sore throat

For sore throat there are many recipes, but we are not always able to fulfill them, so it is best to rub the earlobe with your thumb, if you can not make a gargle, for example.

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