Four minutes a day for one month and you can change your body forever. Here’s how !

You do not have to stay in the gym all day to completely change the way, appearance of your body, many people know, that it takes a days, but what you may not know is that it takes only four minutes!

This is a 28-day challenge for women, and it is not only will change the way, which you look,but will increase overall endurance and health.


Initially starting with 20 seconds per day

Here’s the plan:

The first day – 20 sec.

The second day – 20 sec.

The third day – 30 sec.

The fourth day – 30 sec.

The fifth day – 40 sec.

The sixth day – Rest

The seventh day – 45 sec.

The eighth day – 45 sec.

The ninth day – 60 sec.

The tenth day – 60 sec.

The eleventh Day: – 60 sec.

The twelfth day – 90 sec.

The thirteenth day – Rest

The fourteenth day – 90 sec.

The fifteenth day – 90 sec.

Sixteenth day – 120 sec.

The seventeenth day – 120 sec.

The eighteenth day – 150 sec.

Nineteenth day – Rest

The twentieth day – 150 sec.

Twenty-first day – 150 sec.

Twenty-second day – 180 sec.

The twenty-third day – 180 sec.

The twenty-fourth day – 210 sec.

The twenty-five day – rest

The twenty-six day – 210 sec.

The twenty-seventh day- 240 sec.

Final day – The twenty-eighth day – As long as you can endure

If there is something important in this exercise, it is, that it should be properly positioning of your body.

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