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Fast Diet According To The Structure Of The Body. And What Is Your Type – Apple, Pear Or …

Diets,which act only on a certain part of the body, are usually the most sought after and most effective.

There are 3 main types of female structure – apple, pear and hourglass. Determine your type and discover how you should eat to get rid faster than weight.


Type structure – apple: Lean meat melts fat in place around the waist

Women with body shape in the form of apple, the excess inches are often accumulate around the waist and abdomen. Therefore, try the following diet:

1. Increase the amount of foods rich in fiber (cereals, legumes)
2. Start the day with fresh fruit
3. Reduce the use of fats of animal origin
4. Eat lean meats, from sweets eat only dried fruit and honey and from the fruit extremely citrus. It is advisable to enter in the menu more soy, fish and nuts.
5. Drink more fluids, ie Water and herbal teas are always welcome. Recommended the tea of ginger, which is excellent for detoxification.

Type structure – pear: In less starch for weak thighs

The structure type of pear will recognize by the expression thighs and buttocks in combination with a narrow waist and shoulders. To reduce the volume in the lower body, stick to these rules:

1. Limit foods rich in starch
2. Avoid fats of all kinds
3. Instead of juice, eat fresh fruit
4. Eat cheese with low fat, fish, seafood, bread, rice …
5. Tomatoes contain bioactive substances, that restore the skin and tone. Tomato juice helps to speed up metabolism, so it is recommended for your type of structure.

Type structure – hourglass: weight easily going down

This is the perfect type of structure. Women whose figure resembles an hourglass, are mostly with ideal proportions, but prone to obesity. To keep your figure, be sure to stick to these two simple rules:

Discard sweet, walnuts and avocados from your diet
Every day, eat foods rich in protein – fat-free meats, eggs, milk with low fat and vegetables

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