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Easy test with iodine, check whether your thyroid is working properly and what steps to take

Iodine – is an important element for the body, whose surplus or a deficit affects the body weight.

A deficiency of iodine affects mental health, brain function and other organs, responsible for the good condition of the body

The thyroid hormones are composed of 65% iodine. Iodine deficiency increases the thyroid gland and appears one not so nice for the ladies illness (goiter).

Almost all changes in thyroid are happening because it tries to compensate in some way things,which is not it is delivered or who receives in extremely small doses.


Lack of iodine

It is very important for yourself to check the level of iodine in the body. This can be done using a simple test at home.

We already wrote about this test, but we will repeat exactly how to perform this simple and easy procedure for those who do not know. Once you do this test is better to turn for advice and diagnosis by a specialist, and especially required if the results of a home test are not very good.

So, what should you do? In the evening, before going to bed, draw with a cotton swab three lines onto the inside of the arm, as shown in the picture. The lines,that you make,must be thin, somewhat thicker, and most dense.

Immediately consult your doctor, if in the morning you do not see any of the three lines. For the best benefit and correct information you require an endocrinologist.

If remained only thick line revise your diet. Daily norm of iodine can be provided with regular consumption of foods such as seaweed, cod fish, shrimp, eggs, dried apricots, pineapple and guava.

If it is missing only a thin line – your health is not in danger.

Remember: The use of iodized salt – the cheapest and most affordable way to prevent hypothyroidism.

But in order to have an effect thereof,it should be added sparingly only in cold dishes. Do you cook with iodized salt, then all its valuable qualities will literally evaporate.

Finally, we will share with you a method to improve blood circulation by means of iodine. From the beginning we want to alert you that it is better to use iodine extremely friendly and very carefully.

For improving the blood circulation, use, “Iodine eye.” Draw the eye with iodine, where there is no specific blood flow. Apply only once and for a short time. It is well 5-percent solution of iodine to be diluted with some water before administering.

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