Confession of a gynecologist: Everything I expected, but not this, after I understood the problem of this patient!

One morning a pleasant female voice sought the doctor by phone and asked him if he could help, to remove the foreign body.

– Depends what it is about. There are methods and techniques.

Come to the review tomorrow, said gynecologist.


The next morning, the first patient is a woman. She came in the company of friends. She immediately said, that in the vagina has an average cap of deodorant, but entered too deep. She tried to pull out, but she could not reached with hands.

The doctor did the control. Found that, there is no absolutely no problems!

The problem was, what enroll as a result of the review.

The presence of foreign bodies in this area of the female body produces an unpleasant discharge with a strong odor, with a yellow or brown color. It may appear easy bleeding or itching and odor.

The strange body usually affects the urination, which becomes difficult and painful. The object can damage the skin or a strong irritant and larger objects can cause pain in the lower abdomen.

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