All hiding it from us, and that oil destroys up to 93% of the cancer cells only for 48 hours

Lauric acid (coconut oil 50% consists precisely of lauric acid ) destroys 93% of cancer cells in the tumor of the colon only 48 hours after treatment administration, state the results of a new study.

coconut oil

It is interesting, that lauric acid acts on cancer cells, creating in them a strong oxidative stress, at the same time greatly reducing the level of glutathione (cancer cells need a glutathione to protect against oxidative stress). No matter, that we know about recent anti-cancer properties of coconut oil, it has long been known with its other healing effects.

It successfully kills most viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Supports the process of digestion and metabolism of the liver, reduces inflammation, improves skin condition and heals wounds, if it is used on skin. Effective is also in diabetes. Coconut oil is much more effective for weight loss, in comparison with soybean oil.

Very promising results from administration of coconut oil in Alzheimer’s disease and also to improve the performance of blood pressure and blood sugar.

The anti-cancer effect of coconut oil, does not mean, that it is a cure against cancer, but only shows that nature has given us many different ways and natural resources for prevention and treatment of this insidious disease.

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