A Turbo Diet – 4 Inches Less In The Waist In Just 4 Days! Melt Fat Deposits In The Abdomen

Cheap and delicious drink from easily accessible food products is ideal dietary means, which will help you to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen.

If you think about great preparation for the summer, the ideal solution for you is a the proposal from the nutritionist Cynthia Sass, which has developed a diet beverage, with the help of which the volume of the waist can be reduced even to 10 cm (4 inch), which is proportional to the loss of even 6 lbs (3 kg.) only in 4 days!

turbo diet

To succeed with this plan, it is necessary for a period of four days on consumption of this beverage, to avoid sweets, snacks, greasy and calorie food, and to turn to healthier foods.


2 l of Water
1 Medium cucumber
1 Lemon
A teaspoon of ginger powder
10-12 mint leaves


Cut the lemon and place it in 2 liters of water. Peel the cucumber, cut it in quarters and add into the water, then place the mint leaves and ginger.

Stir and leave to stand in refrigerator overnight.

With the very getting started to the consumption of this powerful fluid, drink throughout the day and in the evening make a new for the next day. To get results, you need to drink the beverage at least four days and not taking other fluids except water.

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