A Homemade Health Test in 60 Seconds – Check The Internal Organs For Any Diseases! Do it with an ordinary spoon.

All you need is a spoon and a plastic bag, and with this simple way you can check, that everything is in order with your respiratory system, bowels, hormones, metabolism, kidney and teeth.

All you have to do is, with spoon to gently scratch the surface deposits of language.
When doing this, be sure to sample the field of language, which is closer from the side of the neck.

health spoon

Then wrap the spoon in a plastic bag and allow to stand for sixty seconds under the strong light bulb. Light from the lamp helps in the development of bacteria, so as a stronger bulb, so the result is more visible.

In a healthy person samples will be clean. However, if there are many bacteria, they have a peculiar color and an unpleasant odor, and this may be an early sign of problems with your lungs or respiratory system, intestines, kidneys or hormones.

If you received the result of a particular color and an unpleasant odor, it is best to visit a doctor and check for what kind of medical problem it comes. This test helps in detecting that you have bad breath, with the causes which very often people are not aware of.

In the case of a fruit flavor, it can indicate ketoacidosis, i.e. violation in metabolism, which can cause the development of diabetes. If you feel an unpleasant odor that reminds you of ammonia, it is possible to have kidney problems.

Is not yet time to panic, odor is not necessarily always be a sign of a disease. In fact, most often it comes to problems with the palate or gums, and tooth decay.

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