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What blood group is weaker and susceptible to many diseases than the rest?

The different blood groups, i.e., all four A, B, AB and 0 are the result of evolutionary development. Specifically, this is the reason why each blood group differs from the others.

Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner in 1900 discovers, there are three blood groups A, B and 0.

That was a huge discovery, which in 1930 brought him the Nobel Prize for achievement in medicine.

blood type

A few years later was discovered and blood type AB.

This is what makes blood types differ from each other, are antigens that cover around the red blood cell that helps the body to recognize which cells are yours.

So, if a patient with blood group A received a transfusion from a donor, belongs to blood type B, his antibodies will refuse the resulting blood, because it does not suits him.

Here there is a risk of blood clotting, which can threaten the patient’s life.

What you need to know about your blood type?

There are two main types of antigens, which surround the red blood cells, called A and B. If the blood group is AB, then in the body there are two types of antigens.

Blood group 0 ,however, lacks both types of antigens , so that the antibodies of patients with blood group 0 can attack these antigens, if you receive blood that has.

That is why, individuals with blood group 0 should receive blood only from their group.

Blood type A is the oldest and all other types are the result of mutations that were needed per person to survive, ie be able to fight certain diseases.

Thus, 5 million years ago occurred blood group 0, and shortly afterwards B

It is believed that these mutations “survived” because of the resistance of unborn diseases

Thus, the researchers found that cells infected with malaria are not associated with blood group B and 0, which means that these individuals are more resistant to malaria, of persons who have blood group A.

According to certain, this is why, blood type A can be defined as “the weakest” of all

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