Tibetan Monk Revealed A Secret, Kept For Centuries! Just By Pressing One Point And End Of The Sufferings!

Lama Geshe La is also professor of medicine, known in medical circles with the secular name Geshe Tenzin Tamding.

That, at which teaches us Tibetan monk is markedly simple – the less care turn to worldly things, so much happier we will be. The more love we give, so much more health and longevity will receive.

Tibetan monk said a quick and easy way to get rid of headaches, stress and fatigue.


Acting on a key points on the body, we can get rid of migraine and the hellish headaches.

Such points has in the legs and arms.
To remove a migraine for 3-5 minutes press with index of hands points, that are located between the first and second finger. The arms point , which relieves headaches is located in the soft space between thumb and forefinger.

In case, you’re tired, sleepy and have a headache, no matter what your background, you can use cold water. Put wrists of both hands in bowls filled with water and ice. Hold 20 seconds and stay. Squeeze three times hands into tight fists and then again put wrists in cold water. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

Finally, when you have already made one of two recommendations to deal with the headaches, fatigue and stress, do your ginger tea. Chop fresh ginger root, a great piece, put it in a cup of boiling water, wait 10 minutes, strain, add a little lemon and drink this incredibly fresh and healing liquid.

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