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This Is The Most Terrible Poison, That We Eat Every Day And Is Neither Sugar, Nor Salt, But …..

Here’s how it looks,sodium glutamate E621 – the additive, which is placed in large quantities in almost all foods and restaurant owners know it well, they add it to enhance the flavor of food. White crystalline powder that looks like salt and sugar.

Its water solution tastes like meat broth.
It can be added to any food. Sodium glutamate leads to increased appetite, overeating and obesity. Used in Psychiatry for the purpose of agitation cells of the brain, its effect is like a drug, readily penetrate the blood and brain and lead to alteration of the genes that are responsible for taste sensations. Sodium glutamate is contained in all sausages, frankfurters, flat sausages, sausages,Chips, soups, canned food, beer and many others.


The safe dose for the body of an adult is 1.5 grams per day, while for children – no more than half a gram.

Today, in the world are consumed about 200,000 tons per year of this supplement.

Symptoms of overdose from E621 are called “Chinese restaurant syndrome” and could be lethargy, migraine, visual disturbances, palpitations, disruption of hormonal balance, nausea, weakness, dizziness, chest pain and others.

It was discovered in 1907 in Japan by Ikeda Kikunae, that in experiments revealed, that the substance enhances the taste of meat foods. Later it became clear, that sodium glutamate transforms “miraculous” and many other foods. It not only enhances the natural taste of the products but improves the flavor of canned, products of the Fast Food, poor quality meat, frozen products.

Sodium glutamate allows food producers to economize meat and other natural components.

It is quite popular in America and thanks to it there are buying more food.

During experiments, researchers adding sodium glutamate in the diet of mice and they blind.

One of the negative effects from the use of sodium glutamate is, that it affects receptors of the tongue, which over time impair the taste perception of the food.

Often due to sodium glutamate, which makes food very delicious, we can’t stop eating any junk like chips, snacks, soups and so on. It causes addiction, ie person on a subconscious level prefer products that contain it, and that is welcome for manufacturers as they increase their sales.

Keep in mind!
Food manufacturers have advantage to use E621, as with this supplement, reduce production costs and mask faulty goods, ie production to be scrapped.

Be careful when choosing food, read the information on the product packaging.

Use natural spices in cooking

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