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Put A Soap In This Way And Will Happen Something That You Were Not Expecting! Great Benefit To your Health!

Many people are dreaming after a long working day to lie down and take a deserved rest and sweet sleep. However suddenly all this desire disappears and begins to feel severe pain in the legs, which makes our dreams impossible. How to deal with cramps, why does it exist? In fact there are many reasons that can lead to such unpleasant pain. We’ll reveal how the pain comes and what it can to alleviate.


1. When is too cold at night

An open window and cold is double-edged sword, the best option is always feet to be well wrapped.

2. Sport

Of course, it is good everyone to play sports, sport is equal to health, but sometimes it has its risks – occurrence of cramps.

3. Water Shortage

When the body is dehydrated, it also leads to cramping. And because our feet are the largest muscle, they are particularly vulnerable. When you sweat during exercise or in hot weather and not drinking enough water – it leads to cramps. Here, to help – take more electrolytes in the form of sports drinks or sugar and a little salt.

4. Standing all day makes

Then surely we are at risk because our legs are laden non-stop.

How to deal with cramps?

It’s nice to eat more bananas because they contain magnesium, which stimulates the growth of muscles and the easy recovery of our body from a workout, and also bananas are very tasty.

Bar of soap … This trick as incredible it sounds and even a bit mysterious, really works and many people confirmed. Put a bar of soap between the sheets and mattress and wait a week for the more secure effect.

Hot shower, when making it , our muscles are warmed, blood vessels expand and reach more blood and oxygen to the muscles. Therefore the best solution against spasms is a warm shower or hot tub. It’s nice to be doing stretching exercises.

Cucumber juice – not the first time we are witnessing of the healing properties of cucumber. The juice of pickled cucumbers is a good decision. The reason is that it contains many electrolytes. This magical drink makes possible the return of electrolyte balance.

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