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Powerful Natural Cure – Makes The Heart An Entirely New And Removes The Diopter!

If you wear a large diopter or suffer from arrhythmia of the heart muscle, must read the following article and recipe with tincture of hawthorn.

For healing qualities and its favorable effect of the heart perhaps you know. The fruits and flowers of hawthorn, are useful for the preparation of tea, which can be taken as a treatment, even for young children.

Treatment with tincture of hawthorn

Namely its chemical composition makes it so unique.


The active substances in hawthorn, namely proanthocyanidin, help to strengthen heart function and enlargement of the blood vessels, which in its turn helps blood circulation. The herb has no adverse and side effects. It can be combined even with the intake of drugs. It is also recommended for the treatment of vertigo, and after several studies, proven acts on the reduction of diopters.

Here’s the healing recipe for tincture of hawthorn

Dried hawthorn is located in almost every herbal pharmacy, if you can’t find yourself such. Take a glass bottle of one liter and full three fingers of the fruits of hawthorn.
Pour brandy until you reach 900 ml. of the volume of the bottle (it is important not to be refilled to the top).

Allowed to stand approximately two weeks in the dark and then, you can begin to drink a sip every day, not exceeding, without removing the fruits from the bottle. Then continue with a new tincture, prepared the same way. For hawthorn as an herb, it is advisable to be consumed for a longer period, to be able to fully reveal its healing properties and get the desired effect.

For the prepared tincture of hawthorn, we have already told in the article above , that will return part of your good vision, and can also be applied in chest pain and treatment of arrhythmia. Can be consumed for long periods without a break.

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