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Only 3 fruit you need and for 1 night you’ll like “new”. Recharge your body and feel the surge of energy

The secret of vitamin bomb, composed solely of three fruit comes from antiquity. It is transmitted from generation to generation and serve as a revival of power in just one night.

Today from it massively benefit athletes and people with physical loading work.
The secret of rapid restoration of power lies in three fetus. They intensive relieve tension and back pain after intense exercise.

Dried apricots in a bowl

Mystical ingredients are dried apricots, figs and prunes. The rate of intake should last at least a month and a half to give optimum results.

The secret of vitamin bomb lies in the composition of dried fruits. They all contain active substances that help restore the soft tissues of the intervertebral discs.

Their regular intake improves resilience and flexibility of the spine. All this happens by natural processes, without painful treatments and medications.

Another important point is, that the individual qualities of the three fruits have the same healing power, that possess together. The search health effect is determined only after proper apportioning.

And it is: one big fig, five apricot and one blue plum.
Snack on this healthy combination every night and feel the power and energy are back at you. And besides, it helps the body physically, this fruit has a favorable combination and male virility and female libido.

The strength of each of these fruits is different. For example, the dried blue plum is extremely useful for kidney and liver.

It is high in vitamin K, which promotes the strengthening of blood vessels, normalizes the functioning of the heart muscle, positively affects the nervous system. The dried fruit is used for the treatment of rheumatism and arteriosclerosis.

The fig is most ancient cultivated plant. Its consumption has a proven effect in treating diseases for old people. In ancient times it was considered the fruit of longevity.

The third component – dried apricots contain many valuable vitamins – K, P, Fe, Ca, vitamin B5 and carotene. It is an indispensable normalizer of the work of cardiovascular system.

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