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Leg Pain Can Be Sign Of A Dangerous Diseases. Check!

The Hidden Danger of Varicose Veins

Most people think, that only chest pain could be life-threatening. But the pain in the legs, although it is not strong and does not seem terrible, can also be dangerous to people’s lives.

knee pain

Check if you have “time bomb” in the arteries and veins?

Are you worried about cramping in the muscles as you move, which are amplified with the walking speed? The pain does not pass until you sit down and never appears if you are not moving. Do not neglect, although it is not stronger and looks like a prick with needles.

Blocked Blood Vessels

Cramps in the legs can be a clear sign of disease, inflammation and weakness in the veins and arteries that cause accumulation of fatty deposits inside blood vessels. Pain in your legs may be a sign that arteries and veins are blocked or weakened. If the problem is ignored, can lead to life-threatening, heart attack or stroke and aneurysm (an artery becomes weak and swell and may rupture). In some cases, the disease of the arteries may lead to gangrene and amputation.

Among the first symptoms may appear pain when walking, often in the muscles, but can also in the hips or buttocks. Walking on an incline or carrying a heavy load can only worsen. If you are at rest, the pain will disappear for a few minutes. If the pain occurs only in movement, it’s blockade and weakness of blood vessels in the legs. The pain occurs, because the fingers muscles do not get enough blood.

The faster you contact a doctor and check your pulse and pressure in the arms and legs, the damage will be less. The review may save your life. In many patients, especially the thick, simple exercises reduce the problem because promote circulation.

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