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If You Know How Many Diseases Heals, You Will Immediately Have It At Home

White incense is not only used to purify the house from evil forces

White incense is a integral part of spiritual ceremonies and practices. Alone or in combination is used as a cleansing of negative energies, protection against spells and demonic creatures.

It is claimed, that possesses magical property to detect buried treasure.

White incense could cause the ejection of stones from the kidney just for this purpose is enough every morning on an empty stomach take by one grain of White incense

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Incense relieves and the symptoms of diabetes mellitus. It needs to knead 250 g of pure honey, 5 grams medical chewing gum, refined sulfur and white incense. From this mixture is taken tablespoon just before sleep.

White incense is very efficient for gallstones. For this purpose, take a 30 g incense, honey and rosin. Initially crushed incense and rosin and making pills, around 21 in number. Thee drink three times a day and guaranteed break gallstones. In case of problems of the liver also used white incense. For this purpose it is better to drink a glass of water with a grain of incense on an empty stomach and medical chewing gum. This should take 40 days, in order to come your liver in the “norm”.

Arthritis also eases with the white incense. It contains a substance that acts of the disease, they proved scientists from Pennsylvania. Even on the fifth day after taking a grain of white resin is obtained relief, and the effect lasts for up to three months.

Cancer is among the diseases that heals white incense. Frankincense oil is extremely effective against ovarian cancer, even in the last stage. Besides that stimulates the body itself to fight cancer cells, oil incense strengthen the immune system and destroys pathogens that carry diseases. Recent studies have found that the oil of incense act not only ovarian cancer but also stomach, brain, breast, colon, prostate and pancreas.

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