If you have pain in the legs just soak them in a bowl with this and forget about them

This is a good recipe for the elderly, that with advancing age starting to feel pain in the legs.

They can be attributed as atherosclerosis of the blood vessels and inflammation of the muscles.

pain legs

In order to prepare the necessary cure for these pains, you need just 15 grams (3 bags) dried bay leaf.

On the first day pour the contents of one packet bay leaf (5 grams) in a suitable bowl and pour it with boiling water, whose amount would be enough for bathroom legs.
Soak your legs to steam until the water cool to tolerable temperature.

Hold them for 20 minutes, then dry them and put wool socks. Do not pour water.

On the second day to the same fluid without removing old leaves, add the next packet bay leaf and again heat the water to boiling. Soak your feet in a bowl, when the temperature becomes bearable, hold them for 20 minutes,. Then dry the feet and put socks, again without disposing of the water.

On the third day, repeat the same procedure by adding the last packet bay leaf.

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