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Ideal Weight According To Height, Age and Sex

There are many methods to calculate the ideal weight, but most of them lack a very important factor – age.

That is why the French scientist Paul Broca developed one of the most loyal formulas for calculation of weight.

Especially for the women he says, that up to 40 years of age the ideal weight is -110 of the height. Or, if you are 160 cm high, then the ideal kg for you are about 50.

But if you have passed 40 years, things are becoming different. Then on the height is subtracted 100. For example, a woman with height 165 cm. and over 40 years old should weigh about 65 kilograms.

If you are over 50 years, to the final result should add another 5%. For example, a woman of 55 years, 170 cm high. 170-100 = 70.    5% of 70 = 3.5, mean ideal weight in this case is 73.5 kg.

Naturally, must be taken into account and the type of the figure, and the fact that some people’s the bones are more severe. So the best indicator perhaps remains the way, how you look.

Ideal weight for men is the weight to be the size of height. For example, 170 tall, with 70 kg.

Take a look a more detailed in the table.

ideal weight for women

Here is a table with the US measurements



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