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I Have A Flat Belly, Thanks To The Recipe Of David Zinchenko

David Zinchenko is a former editor of Men’s Health

He is the author of several best-selling books on weight loss and developer of one of the most efficient energy systems. He is famous for its 8-hour diet book “Flat belly for six weeks.”

Today, we suggest you to take advantage of the recipe of David Zinchenko for a flat stomach. You not able to lose weight, until you begin to use this cocktail.

There are many recipes, that you can use, in order to burn abdominal fat. Some work, others – not. Today we’re to share with you the recipe of David Zinchenko, and we sincerely hope and believe that it will be your key to the faster and effective weight loss.


It has been shown, that it is necessary to stimulate the body with this drink, which is a natural fat burning from the inside, in order to get rid of excess fluid.

And so as not to waste time, here is a recipe for a cocktail.


125g freshly grated horseradish.
4 lemon.
3 tsp honey.
2 tsp cinnamon.
1 tablespoon grated ginger root.


Ginger and horseradish were mixed in a blender.
Add to the mix the lemon juice of 4 lemons.
Add thereto honey.
Finally add cinnamon and mix again.
Take the syrup for 21 days, 2 times a day by 2 tablespoons.

It is advisable to consume this mixture before eating or exercise. After completing the course, take a break for a week, if necessary, you can repeat again.

Note: if you don’t tolerate spicy taste: after taking two tablespoons of the mixture, you can drink a glass of warm water to fix up your taste.

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