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Here’s how need to smell down there and when to visit a doctor

Here is what was the truth!

How should smell vagina? This question asking pretty women, but also men. Most women worry about the bad smell of their vagina and on this occasion use all sorts of flavoring products that are extremely harmful to intimate health.

Answering the question of how to smell a healthy vagina is not so simple.


This is, because each vagina is individual as flora therein. The smell depends on many factors.

Still, according to Dr. Heather Rupp, which has published opinion on the matter in WebMD, the vagina is necessary to have a slightly acidic odor that is permissible to be felt from 1 meter distance. Many women would be aghast at this fact. Do not worry ladies, it comes to odor-free clothes.

The smell of the vagina depends on the acid-base balance in it, that needs to be close to neutral point of pH 4,5 with a mild tends towards acidity flora. Moreover, to the smell of the vagina be added and flavors of sweat glands located around the genital folds. Thee added a slight smell of mold and mildew.

But do not worry – none of these odors is not considered a pathogenic, as long as it is not too intrusive!

The smell of the vagina may be affected by the food you consumed. For example garlic breath after consumption of garlic is not applicable only to your mouth, but also for vagina. Chili food will also affect the smell of vagina.

However, if you intimate smell becomes too intrusive, and resembles rotting fish, this may be a sign of bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection.

Visit the doctor if you notice a similar smell. This odor may also suggest that it is time to change your tampon as soon as possible.
So calm down, ladies! Your vagina can not and do not have to smell like roses! If you are worried by intimate partners, explain to them how things are!

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