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Early Signs of Ovarian Cysts, That Most Women Ignore!

Cysts are the bubbles, filled with the liquid. It is possible to occur independently, or more precisely at any age at a time, and may occur at one or both ovaries.

Mostly increased, but can not have a an accumulation of fluid in tissues. The most common cause of the cysts is cracked ( a torn ) follicle during ovulation (follicular cyst).

Thus, there is a cyst, which is called a functional cyst, since this process is part of ovulation. These cysts can grow up to 6-7 cm and sometimes cause pain, rarely require surgery by a specialist.

ovarian cyst

Luteal cyst occurs after the release of oocyte from the follicle during ovulation. If during ovulation and follicular rupture, bleeding occurs in the cavity, creates a functional cyst called hemorrhagic cyst.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst

Small cysts usually do not cause problems or diseases. From time to time may occur unilaterally abdominal pain or unpleasant pressure. Other cysts can cause sharp pain like a knife stab, they were dismissed as a cyst in the abdomen. In addition to pain may also occur as irregular periods or excessive bleeding. Many cysts are found during gynecological examination, followed by a detailed evaluation of ultrasound.

Treatment of ovarian cysts

The most common cases, for the first time it is to maintain the growth of cysts on ultrasound as cysts burst largely spontaneous. Hormonal products and contraception can stop the growth of cysts and appearance. However, further tests are recommended for the following cases:

If the diameter of the cyst a larger than 4 cm and is from several months

• If growing rapidly

• If the cyst is not affected by treatment with drugs

• When create problems and discomfort

• If the ultrasound image suggests something more serious.

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