Doctors Could Not Help Her With Rheumatism, But She Fought Herself Thanks To This Recipe, Given By Her Grandmother

After the unsuccessful attempts of doctors to help her, this woman discovered the recipe how cured from rheumatism by herself
She also claims,that she’s cured tonsils with this simple method.


Here’s what she says:

“Swollen tonsils you could treat with honey from chestnut.

Simple spread the honey on a towel, put a little pepper and wrap the towel around your neck while you sleep. If you have natural honey, tonsils will be better in the morning. ”

“After the failure of doctors cured rheumatism by herself.”

She also adds – “The coldness of the hands and the pain was unbearable.”

Here’s the recipe:

Necessary products:

* 2 kg (70 oz) of natural honey
* 250 g (8.81 oz) alfalfa/lucerna clover
* 1 liter ( 4 cup) rainwater or distilled water

Method of preparation:

Over low heat boil the rainwater with clover for about 60 minutes. Once began to boiling, turns off the hotplate and remove from heat. The mixture is strained. Add the honey, and allowed to stand for overnight.

How to use:

Take 2 teaspoons after each meal, three times a day.

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