Discard it immediately from your home! Poison you slowly and brings you a bunch of diseases

Aluminum foil, which helps food to bake more quickly and be more succulent is dangerous for humans,recognized specialists. As evidenced by its name, it is made from aluminum.


In contact with the products, the metal is excreted in food and later enters into the body. The substance is toxic especially for the nervous system. In children, it leads to hyperactivity, but in adults could increase the risk of onset and development of Alzheimer’s disease. So when you cook some food, the foil should not have direct contact with food, experts say. Only then it is safe for our health. Unfortunately, this also applies to the fish and some meats, which are often prepared wrapped in the industrial product.

The problem with the aluminum foil however, it is not different. Once you pack in it marinated meat or salad, we could be assured only, if it does not have direct contact with our food. Experts are categorical, that when you wrap in foil greasy sandwich, at breakfast are released substances, that mimic the action of human hormones. This can result in reproductive problems.

But still the foil is needed product in the kitchen. You can use it safely, as long as it does not touch fresh produce and prepared meals. Marinate meat or salad in a deep bowl are fully protected from the impact of nylon.

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