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Cleanse Fat Of The Liver With This Drink – Within One Week!

With this drink will clear your fats from the liver, lose weight and melt fat from your abdomen.

Nowadays, you can find many recipes for drinks, with whom you will purify the liver, will release the fats and will lose weight. Those recipes are for all tastes, but not all are effective. We offer a different drink, through which will clear your fats from the liver – proved.  And you will notice results within a week or at most ten days.

The recipe is good and because of that, it includes only the most basic and necessary for the stomach products.


Kefir – it is tasty and extremely useful product which can be eaten even by those, who do not tolerate milk. And with the addition of fresh spring vegetables, it is becoming an indispensable component of a healthy diet.

Green yogurt

This is a recipe for green yogurt, which will purify the liver and will help you to lose weight. You can replace kefir with yogurt, but if at your town has a store where you can buy, it is best to obtain it from there.


300 ml yogurt, 2% fat
Approximately half a bunch of parsley
3 sprigs of dill
3 stalks of celery
1 small cucumber
a pinch of Himalayan salt
half teaspoon of turmeric
black pepper


Chop the parsley, celery and dill. Add planed cucumber. Blend them. Pour the beaten milk. Put the spices and blend again.

The cocktail is obtained with extremely soft and balanced taste. You can replace breakfast with this drink, and you can use it as a dinner or reception in cleansing days. Remember, you do not have to keep the drink in the refrigerator for more than 30 hours.

How long do you need to use?
As we said at the beginning – the first visible results shall delight you within a week. It is better, however, to use this fresh cocktail least 20 days.
So you will be able to convince, that weakness can be delicious!

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