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Check Between Your Toes,Thus You Will Know, Whether You Are At Risk From Skin Cancer

Melanoma is a cancer of the skin, which may occur when it appears a change in the shape or appearance of a mole or in the occurrence of new ones.

Therefore, regular examination of moles is crucial to prevent melanomas. There are specific characteristics of moles that need to be addressed.

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They warn, if things are not as they should.

– Shape – if mole is not a circular shape, this may be a sign of melanoma;

– If there are no visible borders on the edges;

– Variable color – if the mole has different shades of one color;

– It is necessary to check whether moles grow or become more dense and if they are 6 mm wide in diameter;

– If the mole changes in size and / or color if it looks asymmetrical and if borders are irregular is important to check the doctor.

Awareness is really important. That’s why La Roche, a well-known pharmaceutical company has created a special advertising to prevent melanomas. It is not only useful, but really sweet … It is impossible not to be melted at the sight of these two:

Melanoma is a tumor that can be cured (if detected early), so it’s really important to raise awareness on this topic.

# Diventaskinchecker # is the tag for the campaign in Italy, but this initiative includes 34 countries around the world. Now, when summer comes, our skin needs protection, so it is important to have the correct information.

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Your skin will be grateful!

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