A compress heal bones and joints during the night – acts flawlessly!

knee painThe Russian writer Gennady Petrovich Malakhov, who became known for his work based on health, in his book “Handbook for self-treatment” offers a compress for very effective treatment of pain in bones and joints.

Necessary products:

• Honey
• Flour
• Apple vinegar
• Vodka

All ingredients should be added in equal proportions depending on how large amount as a whole, want to get.

Method of preparation:

Mix all the above mentioned ingredients well, until obtaining a thick dough of them. If necessary, add more flour, so that the mixture be homogeneous.

Method of administration:

Shape dough into a loaf shape and place it directly on the sore place.

Cover the painful area with a foil and cotton cloth or cellophane and leave it overnight.

The compress is prepared and placed on the sore place before bedtime. It should be used only once, in the morning discarded in the trash. Thanks to this compress will feel significant pain relief and improvement of your condition.

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