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3-Day Diet With Tomatoes, That Made A Furor Among Women. There Is No So Rapidly Slimming And Firming Of The Whole Body

Tomatoes are found everywhere throughout the year. You must not hesitate, when you start a diet with them, as they are very useful for the body.

Supplying it with trace elements and vitamins, which are mandatory for it and it all year round.

Do not spare, but start now!

Besides being very useful in healthy aspect, tomatoes are excellent for balanced weight loss. They could be administered in several different ways and they are reasonable when it comes to treatment and keeps you slim.


Properties of tomatoes

The results are always on the level. During the diet you will not consume only tomatoes. Are allowed yet mint, rosemary, soy, carrots and lemon.

Because rosemary will protect you from the occurrence of hair loss, while the other products will save you from the problems with high blood pressure. Mint in turn reduces the irritation of the stomach and is excellent for good digestion.

Thanks to the lemons, you will be strengthened with vitamin C and forget about colds. Soy does abundant in amino acids. But let’s get back to the tomatoes.

They are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Protect against heart disease and are used to reduce cholesterol. With their help is removed high blood pressure and improves vision. It has been proven!

Essence of effective diet with tomatoes

You can get rid of 2 kg within 3 days. However, you should drink each day two liters of water. Of particular importance is strictly following the rules.

After 3-day diet passes to the power supply. To run this regime, it is imperative to be in good health.

If you have any doubt, is better quit from henceforth or talk to your doctor if the diet is appropriate for your body and organism as a whole.

Remember that the regime is strict. It aims loss of several kilograms within a matter of days, but the power supply are not misses, as it follows yo-yo effect thereafter.

Before breakfast: a glass of tomato juice with a leaf of mint
Breakfast: Two fresh tomatoes which are seasoned with rosemary.

Second breakfast at 10-11 hours, make a juice from a carrot, six mint leaves, half a lemon along with its peel, 2 glasses of mineral water and of course, tomato (only half). Put in a juicer or blender and mix.

For lunch: prepare a salad of some tomatoes, red peppers and soy sprouts. If you wish add a little olive oil and lemon juice to taste.

Afternoon snack at 16 hours, do your juice from the second breakfast. The recipe is the same.

Second snack: a glass of tomato juice, again with mint.

For dinner, eating salad from soy, tomatoes and peppers.

This menu is repeated over the next 3 days. It is advisable to choose tomatoes, that are ripe. Do not continue this regime more than 3 days

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