Top Exercise To Lose Thigh Fat at Home – Get Thinner Thighs Now!

Top Exercise To Lose Thigh Fat at Home – Get Thinner Thighs Now!

Still bothers you, that you can not wear your favorite jeans, while you practice every day. It is true that many exercises do not involve movement of some regions, on which easily retain fatty deposits. So, for seven days and up to 20 minutes for this cardio program, that is specifically devised to reduce the circumference of your hips, you will achieve what you want.


1. Ride a bicycle in the air – Lie on your back and lift your legs and “cycling”. This is the perfect exercise for the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, you can do while you watch your favorite series on television, and the results will notice in a short time.


2. Do not forget squats – Place your knees in a half squat, with hands on hips or waist and slightly downward until you feel tightness and pain in the muscles. Stand up and repeat the exercise eight times. When acquire condition, you can make in the more series.

3. Top exercise – Lie on your back, fold down your legs and arms straighten them along the body and look at the ceiling. Put a towel between your knees, so that inner thighs actively participate. Repeat this exercise more than 15 times in one series and do not forget proper breathing.

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