These cigarettes cause cancer, which is difficult to diagnose! Do you smoke them?

Cigarettes “light” and “slim” influence the development of lung cancer that is difficult to diagnose and which quickly progressing.

Dr. Oguz Kilinc, a member of the working group on control of tobacco consumption association Torkas in Turkey, said that from tobacco consumption causes various diseases, including cancer. He added that ordinary cigarettes cause cancer of the bronchi, while the “slim” and “light” cause cancer of the peripheral parts of the lung where it is difficult to detect.


Dr. Oguz Kilinc also recalled, that smokers who use these types of tobacco swallowed more smoke in order to feel more nicotine and aroma of tobacco. Dr.Kilinc believes that is necessary to put under control the tobacco industry in order to reduce consumption.

The conclusion is that a lesser evil are proved the ordinary cigarettes

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