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The Herb, That Cures Fungus, Cystitis and Eye Diseases With a Click of Your Fingers

Undervaluation a herb Broadleaf Plantains (Scientific name: Plantago major) treated with a click of the fingers

It is no exaggeration, when we say that the herb plantain is a real discovery in the 21st century. With her were healed many peoples since ancient times, but today as though the medical qualities of the plant are rediscovered.

For a long time it has been neglected and overlooked by ordinary stormy.

Realistically, however, Broadleaf Plantains is one of the super herbs, which necessarily needs to have close at hand whenever needed.

With the help of the natural means is held a remarkable treating diabetes, cystitis, varicose veins, dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis, cough, gastritis and gastric ulcer. The herb deal with eye problems, nail fungus, colitis, boils and prostate problems.


So, many diseases that can remain in the past, if you find plantain and use it as the directed of herbalists. Be strict, stubborn and insistent, in order to enjoy the good health after a few months.

With Plantain everything is easier – recipes, that actually help

At eye diseases:
Prepare fresh juice of the herb, which applies solely externally. It relieves pain and itching in eye diseases. Another easy procedure, that you could do is to impose on the eyes leaf from useful plant.

At inflammation of the gums:
This recipe is actionable under periodontitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Make a gargle with a decoction of the herb plantain. It has a good effect in the following gum disease, resulting in inflammation and bleeding.

In no time using the potion gum bleeding will stop. To the healing potion you can add a pinch of baking soda, to have a strong antiseptic effect.

At cystitis:
Disease raises serious discomfort, so it must be treated quickly. To help yourself without medication, you can try with a potion of Broadleaf Plantains. Take it to the disappearance of symptoms of cystitis.
At fungus on feet:
Use freshly crushed leaves of strong herb . They are imposed directly on the affected areas with fungus.

The procedure is carried every night for 10 days. This recipe is ideal not only for elimination of fungi of the feet, but also in the groin area.

At sluggish intestine:
The famous herb has an amazing effect on sluggish bowels. The juice stimulates intestinal activity. Treatment in this case it is efficient at the occurrence of gas and constipation.

Use and seed of the plantain , but the ground in the form of flour. For maximum effect are taken 30 minutes before meals. The daily dose is defined four grams,that are distributed into several separate doses of one gram.

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