The First Signs of Heart Disease: See Your Toes! Along With This Test

The heart is need for care and supervision

Not everyone can afford to go to a cardiologist, but absolutely anyone can do this test, which we found for you from Russian Cardiology

Heart disease is not always immediately to manifest clinically. It is possible to feel well, to be active, and suddenly died from a heart attack!

Obesity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle – these are the main enemies of the cardiovascular system.

The First Signs of Heart Disease - Life 4 Fit Mama

But heart problems can even anticipate these manifestations, that are actually important cause of heart problems.

Be in good shape and do not forget to care for the health of your body! It will always tell you what to do to improve your health – you have to listen carefully. After you read the article fully can tell us about this important test and share to your friends, and make your loved ones to do this test.

There is a simple test that will help you to know if your heart is healthy! After you check yourself what is the state of the cardiovascular system, you may be aware whether or not need to worry.

How to make a test?

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward. Keep your toes raised. Stretch your hand forward and touch the tips of your toes. If you do it with ease, can be said with certainty: the cardiovascular system work without undue stress and failure, and heart disease will stay away from you!

If the body is not flexible enough, it’s likely that you already are available in early heart problems. People have problems with flexibility when something in the blood vessels is wrong. The reason for this may be the fact that blood vessels are in need of cleansing. In this group of people who have problems with flexibility and hardly touch your toes, are available circulatory disorders due to lack of collagen, which makes the blood vessels and joints flexible and young.

Hardly, slow-moving, rigid muscles of the back and legs show a shortcut to the cardiologist! Begin to stretch every day, change your diet and make sure to consult a specialist.

Be in good shape and do not forget to take care of your health! Observe your body – it will always tell you what to do to improve it – you just have to listen carefully!

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