She went to the doctor with abdominal pain, but she’s stunned after doctors find 12,000 GALLSTONES inside her

This is probably a new world record and specimen could be kept in London

Minati Mondal, 51-year-old woman born in Calcutta, India, had suffered stomach pain and acid reflux for a period of two months. She was admitted to the hospital, where it is clear, that she had gallstones.

During surgery, doctors were shocked to find 12,000 stones inside her

The woman complained of stomach pain and acid reflux for two months.


Her studies and ultrasound showed that she suffered from a severe case of gallstone.

These are balls made of cholesterol and salts that form in the gallbladder.

In many cases, people can lead a normal life without indications and surgery, despite having a gallstones. When the stones begin to block the gall bladder they cause pain, nausea and potentially fatal infection.


In this case, it comes to the 12 000 gallstones – hard to believe!

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