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See how this lady has removed 39 pounds in a month and a half with this extremely useful drink

She has experimented with many ways to get rid of the accumulated after her second pregnancy, but everything was uselessly. After a while, she decided to attend a yoga classes, just to relax, and if she succeed to weaken, it will be a bonus for her efforts.

Namely of course in yoga, a young mother from Liverpool met a lady, who shared her way of melting weight.

This method proved particularly easy and efficient, and helped Katie to get rid of 18 extra kilos only for a month and a half.

banana water

So,what you should do to lose weight ? Should you go to the yoga? Not necessarily, although it is desirable. To begin to lose weight you need to drink a cup of warm water, after then blend a banana, add a little ginger in it and to eat for breakfast.

Then you need to drink another glass of water, but this time the water must be cold. It is important to eat a banana with warm water every day. This delicious and effective combination will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight much faster and more efficiently, and most importantly, you will continue to lose weight even after you have stopped eat breakfast with banana and hot water.

You can eat whatever you want on the other meals, but it is also especially important for you not to eat anything after 18:00.

You can eat a banana and drink a glass of warm water, as a substitute for one meal between snacks. You can make a discharge days with bananas and water, for this purpose you should not eat more than three bananas for the whole day.

Consumption of at least two liters of liquid through these discharge days is mandatory.

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