Rub these two fingers just a minute and see what happens to your body … UNBELIEVABLE!

Surely many of you have heard of reflexology, acupuncture and massage therapies that originate from Eastern medicine. These methods are used as healing practices to relieve pain, stress and trauma for many years.

In western medicine they are applied as a treatment for a long time.

Ancient Japanese healing practice, which is not very popular. therapeutic is practiced in anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, sciatica, chronic back pain and neck.

rub fingers

This interesting method involves gently pulling or squeezing each finger for two to five minutes, in order to relieve blockage of emotional states such as anger, depression, fear, anxiety and sadness. All these emotional states are outside of the normal parameters. It is interesting to say, that every human finger examined different question:

The thumb – anxiety;

Index – fear;

Mid – rage;

Ring finger, grief;

Pinky – low self.

This treatment can be used as an adjunct to other treatments. It helps adults, but also children in the process of achieving emotional and spiritual balance.

See the video:

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