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Press this point for 1 minute and see what is happening to your body..Amazing!

Most of us sometimes have a terrible feeling, when for no apparent reason, our heart begins to beat faster and panic, and is not a heart attack.

In most instances, it is not so harmless, but can be a sign of heart health issues, that is triggered by anxiety, and generally appeared in people who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.

But is not so terrible, because it can be successfully controlled and treated with acupressure, that works by relaxing the whole body and increase circulation in the body.

This point is one of the vital acupressure in the heart, which helps to relieve anxiety, nervousness and heart palpitations.

press 4

This point is in the middle of the breastbone, three thumb widths up from the lower edge of the bone. To activate this point, simply press it firmly with your thumb for 1-2 minutes, while breathing deeply, slowly and evenly.

This will calm the tension in the chest, emotional imbalance, nervousness, anxiety, depression and hysteria. It also helps in the treatment of asthma, coughs and chest problems, such as irregular breastfeeding and mastitis and sore throat.

Another strong point of acupressure and acupuncture for relief of anxiety is the third point, which is located right between the eyebrows, of the curve where is the bridge of the nose.

To stimulate this stage, just close your eyes and gather your palms together, by placing them in place. Use your middle fingers and index fingers, gently press the point for 1 minute during the long, slow, deep breaths.

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It helps to calm the body, alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety, sleep disorders, insomnia, headaches, eye problems, vertigo and dizziness, and nasal congestion.

You can stimulate this point now, relax your senses and calm the mind and body.

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