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If You See This, Immediately Visit The Doctor! – 7 Signs of Lung Cancer

The most fearsome disease in our society is a cancer! The mere mention of the name causes sadness, sorrow and anxiety.

Statistically, cancer is one of the biggest killers of people. Often the causes of cancer are still a mystery.

Although the primary cause of lung cancer is already well known – smoking!

Cancer begins in the cells.

Normally, the body builds new cells at a need for replace old ones, which then die. From time to time this process is disrupted and some cells continue to grow – uncontrolled – although the original cells are still alive and healthy. As a result, the body produces more and more cells but the old remain and still live.

signs of lung cancer

This leads to the interruption of growth – the same way as a known tumor. Tumors can be benign or malignant. These malignant tumors, however, entering into the body tissues through the transmission of cancerous cells. Thus, cancer transfers to other parts of the body affect the organs and lymphatic system. The spread of cancer cells is known as metastasis.

One of the most common forms of cancer is a lung cancer.

There are seven warning signs of lung cancer, for which you can pay attention:

1. Coughing

Cold accompanied by coughing is a nothing unusual. It is therefore important to try to cure cough. Most infectious diseases of the respiratory tract healing in the course of one week. If cough stays for longer than two weeks without getting better, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended – especially when you cough include bloody sputum.

2. Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing is a common symptom of patients with lung cancer. There may be various reasons for this. As a result of cancer, liquid may be retained in the lungs drastically reduce the capacity of the lungs. It can block the blood vessels, due to tumor growth. If suddenly do not have the stamina, which you had, for climbing stairs. It appears sweat on the forehead, although usually are quite sporty – then you should definitely go to the doctor and review.

3. Pain in the chest, back and / or shoulder

Chest pain – which is worsening with every breath, laugh, or cough – is not something to be underestimated. The pain may spread to the back or shoulders. However, this pain may be the result of a black rib, inflammation of the shoulder. Still would best appropriate to also examine by a doctor to find the cause of the pain of these symptoms.

4. Whistling sound while breathing

A whistling sound in breathing means that the air tries to pass through the narrow airways. This does not necessarily mean lung cancer, as can be caused by other respiratory diseases such as asthma. No matter, this sound can be serious and should be checked by a doctor.

5. Unexplained weight loss

About 15% of all patients with cancer have already lost weight dramatically prior to being diagnosed with cancer. The average person loses more than 10% of their weight before diagnosis. This is mostly due to the reason that the cancer directly affects the metabolism. Talk to your doctor if you lost a lot of weight in a short period of time due to lack of appetite.

6. Pain in the bones

The bones begin to ache with lung cancer that has already spread to the bone marrow. In particular, if the pain in the spine, ribs, hips or thighs, then you should review the doctor.

7. Headache

Headaches can often occur as a result of lung cancer. When cancer cells metastasize in the brain, they put pressure on blood vessels. These metastases decreased blood flow through arteries in the brain and thus cause headache. If you frequently suffer from severe headaches, this does not mean, that unconditionally you have cancer . This can also be migraine. But if the headache becomes increasingly worse, a visit to the doctor is inevitable.

Of course, a person does not immediately need to think, that has cancer, if it is by one or more of these symptoms. However, it is important to listen to the your body and always, when you have a doubt, to consult a specialist.

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