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He Draws a Line Across His Hand. His Next Move Will Blow Your Mind! (VIDEO)

Optical illusions can use color, light and patterns to images that can be deceive or fool your brain. Eyes collect information that is processed in the brain and creates the impression that it does not match the real picture.

Optical illusions are created so that the brain is trying to interpret what we see and makes sense in the world around us. These optical illusions deceive our brains in the seeing things that may or may not be true.

For all those creative people who want and create an optical illusion, talent and imagination are the most important characteristics they should possess to become skillful and successful.


There is also Jordan Molina, known as TutoDraw of Youtube channel, he has a great talent and imagination that creates an optical illusion.

He used his hand as a canvas to present the overall weird reality. Moreover, it does so only with lines and paints.

Although you will see in the video below, how his drawings have been done, your eyes are tricked into believing, that Molina is really holds a spider on its hand, or that his palm has a wound.

This French artist became an Internet sensation to create extremely realistic 3D drawings. He says that anyone can learn how to draw in the right way, because it requires only passion.

See the video:

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