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Every Day We Use It, But We Don’t Know, That Slowly and Imperceptibly Poisoning Our Body. Discard It Immediately!

It turned out that almost every day we use a live poison that slowly and imperceptibly poisoning our body

Before you continue reading this article, we would like to ask you a simple question – do you use fabric softener?

Well, if your answer is “yes”, you will be quite disappointed as you will find that you pay a high price for your clothes to be soft and smell good.

We all know that advertising of softeners often represent the product as something that brings comfort, freshness and sweetness. But, the real ugly truth is that much softeners contain a long list of known toxins and chemicals that could come into the body through the skin and by inhalation, leading to a wide range of health problems, particularly for young children.


Softeners, in most cases, are nothing more than a poison.

A good packed and even better smelling poison! They are composed of harmful chemicals, combined with a dose collar flavor.

These chemicals, this daily poison that we breathe and wear on your body, they are responsible for the pleasant sensation and fresh scent. Which, to admit in most cases is quite perishable. These harmful substances are called “aromatic substantivity” of which depends on how long the flavor lasts for a specific surface, and how it is influenced by temperature, humidity and other conditions.

Here are the most common toxic chemicals found in all softeners:

Alpha-terpineol – this is a dangerous toxic chemical that can lead to many health problems, such as dizziness, headache, hunger, memory loss, numbness of the face, neck pain and spine.

Benzyl acetate is a toxic substance that binds to pancreatic cancer. Its vapors can irritate the eyes and respiratory system, and can also be absorbed through the skin.

Benzyl alcohol could lead to many health problems such as various disorders of the central nervous system, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and dramatic fluctuations in blood pressure.

Chloroform – a powerful neurotoxin, carcinogen that can lead to many health problems such as loss of consciousness, nausea, headache, vomiting and / or dizziness, drowsiness.

Linalool – cause respiratory problems and so-called loss of muscle coordination.

It is therefore necessary to avoid frequent use of softeners, and use natural alternatives. They are much safer and more efficient. We really hope, that we have been helpful with this article useful, and do not forget to share it with friends and family on social networks.

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