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Easy and Effective Way To Cure Gum Disease and Whitening Teeth At Home

Dental spots or staining of the teeth is a common cosmetic problem, that affects both men and women. There are many factors, that contribute to this condition and most often involve bias smoking or drinking dark colored beverages such as tea or coffee, in which contained in them food dyes, are absorbed into the tooth surfaces.

Inadequate oral hygiene also contributes to the deterioration of the teeth.

Although there are several dental procedures that can effectively remove dental stains and restore the whiteness of the teeth, these treatments can be expensive and time consuming us.

white teeth

That is why we are here to offer you the best natural solution to your problem, a recipe that will give you the most brilliant smile with pearly white teeth with minimal effort on your part. What is needed is only one ingredient that we all have at home and that many people have used for over a thousand years.

This ingredient may whiten your teeth and reduce the inflammation of your gums. All you need is a small amount of turmeric, mint and coconut oil. Here’s how you can prepare this natural homemade toothpaste:

Necessary products:

Tablespoon of coconut oil

2 capsules of turmeric

Peppermint oil

Method of preparation:

Take a small bowl and mix in that coconut oil and turmeric. Then add peppermint oil and mix all the ingredients well until obtaining a smooth paste. Apply the mixture on your toothbrush and wash your teeth as usual you do this. Do this method every day and you will soon notice that your teeth are getting whiter and your gums will no longer be inflamed. The best thing about this toothpaste is that it is so easy to prepare and is excellent for people with sensitive teeth.

You’d never bought toothpaste from store, after trying this natural recipe.

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