DIY – 2 Ingredients And Remove All Blackheads From Your Face

I’m the kind of person who notice every little thing on my face. Now I can not remove every little thing, which “pops”, but strive my face to be maximally clean! This is precisely why I tried an old recipe from my grandmother. Is acting flawlessly – try it once and you will be convinced.

1. Take the ingredients: milk and gelatin.

Since, will be the application of these things directly on your face, I highly recommend quality products to choose.


2. Stir well.

Put first gelatin (1 tablespoon) into the container, then add milk (1-2 tablespoons). Mix well.

gelatin 2

3. Rinse your face, while the mixture heat on microwave for 15 seconds.

It will happen softer and more easy to apply.

gelatin face

4. Apply to your face.

You can entire face or only problem areas, as you decide.

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